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Customer's interactions with brands are changing, thanks to advancements in newer technologies, data science and analytics. Future commerce is fully conversational, omnipresent and seamless. Brands therefore have to master the development of seamless experiences around their customers, across all touch points, if they truly want to differentiate themselves. 

At Valtech, we help brands and retailers get there.

Valtech has collaborated with ALDO to help them rethink tomorrow’s omni-channel retail experience. We worked on customer facing mobile apps, sales associate mobile apps, as well as multiple sizes of interactive in-store screens to build a digital ecosystem that supports customers through their entire journey.

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Chatbots, AI: when conversation becomes a service hub
AI is a hot topic this year, and social media giants are already fighting (tooth and nail!) to transform what could be tomorrow’s main service platform: our everyday conversations on messaging apps. 

Valtech Store: a smart real-life experimental store!
We've actually created our very own store, 
to physically show you how digital data can transform your physical business. 
In our store, we'll show you how we enable data collection in the physical space to create richer customer experiences.




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A quick introduction to the omnichannel experience with Copenhagen Airports:

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Have you considered taking advantage of the incredible new technologies such as beacons, virtual reality or artificial intelligence to better connect your digital and physical stores? 
- or do you perhaps need further inspiration on how to secure your retail business for the future?

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Get inspired by our work with Carlsberg Byen, where data ensures personalized and inspiring customer experiences: 

Replace your Cashiers with Mobile Checkout Wisely

Brick and mortar checkout is the number one customer pain. Why does it still have to be so frustrating to shop in a physical store? Nobody likes to stand in line. In fact, some customers will leave the store when faced with a long lineup. 

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